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Wordy Icons

a community for eloquential icons

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to wordy_icons! As the name suggests, this community is for text (and brush) icons only.
No photography or other artwork is allowed, but any sort of text is welcome.


>> Please join the community to post, it's only polite.

>> All submissions are now moderated, this is to help keep out trolls.

>> Only three icons teaser, outside an LJ cut. If posting more than three icons, an LJ cut is required.

>> Images wider than 350 pixels need to be under an LJ cut.

>> For now, requests for wordy icons are allowed. This is subject to change.

>> Respect other posters, particularly with respect to credit and hotlinking, it is only polite. Leave the drama at home. Do not disable comments.

>> Do not post off topic. This is not the place to ask for help with icon making, icon_tutorial is for that.

>> Zip files are allowed as long as you also post the bases individually so that members aren't forced to download just the zip.

>> Community/journal pimping is not allowed, we're here to see icons. There are plenty of LJ communities to pimp your communities/journals on.

>> Do not post backgrounds, friends only banners, etc. unless you have wordy icons included. (Getting the pattern here?)

>> Do not post a huge icon dump that only has 2 or 3 wordy icons, make it worth community member's time to click through to the posting. Icon postings like these should be at least half wordy icons to be approved.

>> DO NOT link back (fake cut) to locked communities/journals or require members to join to view icons.

>> Trolls and flamers are banned. End of discussion. If you are being harassed by a troll or flamer let the Mod know so it can be taken care of.

Community graphics by imnotsatan
Your Mod = tattooedraven